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Wall clock made of old wood No 398 45cm

Wall clock made of old wood No 398 45cm

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  • A 45 cm wall clock made of reclaimed oak, surrounded by a powder-coated stainless steel ring and equipped with a quartz whisper clock movement, is a fascinating combination of rusticity and modernity.

    Reclaimed oak gives the clock a unique and charming patina as well as a touch of history by reusing old wood. The stainless steel ring creates a stylish contrast and emphasizes the design.

    Using beeswax to treat the wood highlights the natural beauty of the reclaimed wood and provides protection and shine.

    A quartz whisper movement ensures precise timekeeping while reducing noise, ideal for maintaining a quiet atmosphere in any room.

    This versatile wall clock can be used in different rooms, whether in the living room, bedroom, office or hallway. The individuality of each piece, due to the characteristics of the reclaimed wood, makes each clock a unique work of art and an eye-catching piece of furniture on the wall.

    Overall, such a wall clock is not only a contemporary accessory, but also a statement piece that combines history, craftsmanship and function and fits perfectly into various room concepts.

    The wall clock is delivered without batteries.

Product Information

Any changes, whether cracks or splits, both when the goods are received and in the following period, are to be considered completely normal and are to be regarded as typical properties for a product made from solid wood and cannot be recognized as defects in the event of complaints.

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