About Us


Inspired by our homeland, in which wood has a special status, the first prototypes were created in our own garage.

With increasing demand, we decided to steer our enthusiasm for the wonderful material wood in a profit-oriented way.

We, that is, André Matthis born in 1986 and Klaus Staiger born in 1975 living in the beautiful Black Forest.

We both successfully completed an apprenticeship in carpentry. In the meantime, however, we are both working in the metal industry and have made carpentry our hobby.

When we were building a bar stool, we came up with the idea of ​​the clocks.

After the first prototypes, which aroused great enthusiasm among our family and friends, we decided to place advertising on social media and create our own website.

While working on our clocks, we keep coming up with new ideas for wood decoration.

Such as the toilet paper stand, which has become indispensable in our bathrooms, one or the other wooden sculpture, cloakroom and much more which you can examine on our website.

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