Willkommen bei Klan-Holzdesign dem führenden Hersteller von handgefertigten Wanduhren

The shop is just right for all those who do not prefer industrially manufactured furniture, but rather handcrafted, lovingly made individual pieces.

Each wall clock is made from a unique piece of wood, so no two clocks look exactly the same. This gives each clock a special charm and makes it a unique work of art for your home. Whether rustic, modern or classic - a wooden wall clock brings natural beauty and warmth to any room. It is not only functional, but also a decorative element that gives your living space a personal touch.

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The handcrafted wall clocks, partly made of rustic wood with a surrounding powder-coated stainless steel ring, embody the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Manufactured in Germany, it stands for the highest quality and attention to detail. We are proud to present our product to you because sustainability is very important to us. During development and manufacturing, we made sure to incorporate environmentally friendly and sustainable principles. Durability and quality: Our products are manufactured with high quality and durability.

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