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The wooden wall clock with a powder-coated stainless steel ring is an exquisitely designed clock that combines functionality and aesthetic design to perfection.

The main feature of this wall clock is the harmonious interaction of wood and stainless steel. The wood gives the watch a warm and natural look, while the powder-coated stainless steel ring adds a modern and elegant accent. This combination of materials makes the clock a timeless design object that fits into various interior styles.

The quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping while operating silently. This means that the clock does not make any annoying ticking noises, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your home. You can easily place the clock in your bedroom, living room, office or any other desired environment. Made in Germany, it embodies the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With a diameter of 40-90cm, these wall clocks are an impressive statement piece that will stand out in any room. The wood gives the watch a warm and natural character, while the surrounding stainless steel ring with its powder-coated surface adds a modern and elegant touch.


This wall clock is not only a functional timepiece, but also an impressive decorative element. Their timeless design fits perfectly into different interior styles and gives any room a natural and modern atmosphere.

German manufacturing guarantees high quality and durability. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully carried out to ensure you receive a product of outstanding quality.

Bring style, functionality and German craftsmanship to your home with this wooden wall clock and powder-coated stainless steel ring. Be proud of your choice of a high-quality clock that not only keeps time accurately but also decorates your walls and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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