Collection: wine stand

The handcrafted reclaimed wood wine stand is a unique and impressive piece of furniture for wine lovers. Made from reclaimed wood, it will bring a rustic charm and warm vibe to your home.

The wine stand features recessed wine bottle holders that provide secure storage for your favorite wines. These holders rotate for convenient access to and display of your wine bottles.

The special thing about this wine stand is the creative use of a horseshoe as a glass holder. The horseshoe is strategically placed to keep your wine glasses stylish and secure while enjoying your wines.

The base of the wine stand is made of stone, which gives it stability and a robust character. This combination of reclaimed wood, horseshoe and stone creates an interesting contrast and gives the wine stand a distinctive look.

Because each wine stand is made by hand, each piece is unique with individual characteristics and small variations in wood grain and design. This makes it a special piece of furniture that reflects your personality and individual taste.

With this handmade reclaimed wood wine stand, you can display your wine collection in style while having an artistic and functional piece of furniture in your living area. It is a perfect gift for wine lovers or an addition to your own home.