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Wall clock made of old wood barrel ring NO 388

Wall clock made of old wood barrel ring NO 388

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  • Product description: This unique wall clock is made from rustic reclaimed oak. The wood has been brushed and left natural to retain its original charm and character. It is made of a powder coated Surrounded by a stainless steel ring, which forms an elegant contrast to the wood.

    With a diameter of approximately 92cm This clock is a striking eye-catcher on every wall. The black one Color gives it a modern yet timeless look that fits well into different interior styles.

    The watch has a particularly quiet movement, also known as a “whispering movement”. It produces barely audible noise and therefore ensures a quiet environment. The movement comes without batteries, which underlines the environmental friendliness of the product.

  • Please note that this product may have some changes such as cracks or splits. These are to be regarded as normal characteristics of a product made from solid wood, both upon receipt of the goods and over time, and are not recognized as defects.

    Enjoy the combination of rustic reclaimed oak, polished stainless steel and modern design with this unique wall clock. It gives every room a natural and stylish touch.

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