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Wooden sculpture No 2

Wooden sculpture No 2

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A wooden sculpture made from reclaimed oak that has been brushed and left in its natural state promises a fascinating combination of rustic beauty and natural elegance. The reclaimed oak wood, which has been brushed, retains its organic texture and characteristics while maintaining a smooth and attractive surface.

The decision to leave the wood in its natural state emphasizes the unique grain, patina and history of the wood. This gives the sculpture a distinctive charm and tells a story through the natural characteristics of the reclaimed wood.

Placing the sculpture on a cut stone base not only creates an aesthetic contrast, but also creates a solid foundation that can ground and highlight the artwork.

Such sculptures are not only artistic masterpieces, but also expressions of craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials. They can serve as eye-catchers in interior spaces, be it in living rooms, offices or galleries, and fascinate with their natural aesthetics and unique history.
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