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Wall clock made of wood/oak NO 407 40cm

Wall clock made of wood/oak NO 407 40cm

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  • A modern oak wall clock surrounded by a stainless steel ring, treated with beeswax and equipped with a silent quartz movement would undoubtedly be an outstanding and unique piece of art for wall decoration.

    The combination of oak wood, beeswax treatment and stainless steel could create a fascinating visual harmony. Here are some features and benefits of this design:

    1. Aesthetics: The naturalness of the oak wood, complemented by the warmth of the beeswax, gives the clock a warm and inviting appearance. The stainless steel ring could act as a modern frame that accentuates the oak wood and enhances the entire piece.

    2. Silent movement: Using a silent quartz movement offers the advantage that the time is precise but does not produce annoying ticking noises, which can be particularly appreciated in quiet rooms.

    3. Craftsmanship Uniqueness: Each piece of oak wood has its own grain and texture, making each work of art unique. Using beeswax can accentuate the wood's natural features and give it a smooth, polished look.

    4. Timeless design: The interaction of natural materials such as wood and stainless steel combined with a silent movement creates a timeless aesthetic that fits in various room styles and decorations.

    5. Wall Decoration: This clock could not only show the time, but also serve as an eye-catching decorative element that will be an eye-catcher in any room.

Product Information

Any changes, whether cracks or splits, both when the goods are received and in the following period, are to be considered completely normal and are to be regarded as typical properties for a product made from solid wood and cannot be recognized as defects in the event of complaints.

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